Jaya Williams

Modern Womanisms

An ongoing series of stamps, paper, gift wrap, stationery and temporary tattoos celebrating the confusion, bliss, terror and power in being a woman.


“keep your hands, feet & objects to yourself.” -Miss Diana, my elementary school PE teacher


elegance and sophistication




Make way for bots 🤖#crashingofthe3rdwave 
I’ve always felt ambivalent about “the future is female” shirts— they represent to me these “aesthetic politics” which are really about creating an aesthetic of feminism rather than building power, but they also made feminism—a word with such a bogged down and polarizing history that even my own mother hesitates to claim it—accessible (and even fashionable) for everyone, albeit a watered down version of it...🚿 #stampitout


a tender object living in your house


Not the apocalypse so much as a subtle but gradual dystopia in which temperatures are always slightly too extreme, the big boys of tech can’t prevent Russians from meddling with our elections but have an infallible algorithm and a surfeit of manpower devoted to censoring the female nipple, self care means $170 face oil and eating something called “sex dust” that may really just be glutenous sawdust, which everyone is suddenly allergic to but nobody can afford healthcare and millennials are always joking about wanting to die  #noplaceforchildren #donotromance